Your first steps to success

Here at Nutritional Weight Loss we take a very personal approach to your individual needs. We, as your wellness coach, will play a key role in helping you achieve your particular wellness or weight management goal. The programme that we will recommend for you will be individual to your particular needs.

One of the steps to you achieving your individual goal is to carry out the shape works body analysis; this will help us understand better your particular needs. It also gives us a start point on your journey to success.

Our products are based on scientific research and shape works combined with water and exercise, can offer you the formula for success, i.e. sensible weight management or well being.

The steps involved in our wellness evaluation are:

  1. The Client firstly fills out our evaluation sheet which enquires into current eating habits, nutritional intake and current exercise programme (if any).
    Current intake of calcium (minimum intake should be 800 mg / day).
    Water consumption / day i.e. hydration levels.
    This assessment gives us a history of the client and from this we may identify specific areas to concentrate on.

  2. To under go the Tanita Body composition test. Tanita are world leaders in Body composition monitors. This body check is completed and checked weekly during time spent on herbalife. Tanita's Body Fat Monitors and Body Composition Monitors use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to help calculate results.

BIA helps to calculate body composition by sending a low, safe electrical signal through the body. The signal passes freely through fluids contained in lean tissue, such as muscle and blood, but meets resistance passing through fat tissue. Tanita monitors accurately measure this resistance and use it to calculate elements of body composition.

When set against gender, height, weight and body type, we can calculate your body fat percentage.

All these results are tracked and monitored weekly to ensure the programme is working properly for the client; these consultations are free for the duration of taking the products.

Personal Body Analysis!

Congratulations for taking the first step to reveal a healthy, confident you!

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